Sprigs Banjees Wrist Wallet Review

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4.1/5 on November 18, 2016

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317 reviews


Spacious capacity
Soft and comfortable material
Great for active people
Versatile fit (stretching material)
Reliable zipper


More practical for small items (credit cards, cash, car keys, etc)


Overall, the Sprigs Banjees Wrist Wallet is made with a great stretchy material that is soft, lightweight and easily adjusts to the size of the wrist. It seems a good quality material and the zipper is also of a decent quality. This is a great wrist wallet for running and has no problem in accepting a few essentials while on-the-go, but it looks a bit clunky with a full size phone inside.

The Sprigs Banjees Wrist Wallet is designed in a stretchy fleece-type material that is perfect for holding a few must-have accessories.

It is spacious enough to hold items like credit cards, cash, smart phone and keys, which is certain to be quite practical for the sports person that doesn’t have any pockets. This wrist wallet is really comfortable on the wrist and easily adapts to the different size of wrist.

Features You’ll Value

Very comfortable to wear, the Sprigs Banjees Wrist Wallet is a practical choice for the active person and includes a few useful qualities. Let’s look a few of the features of this wristband wallet:


The Banjees Wrist Wallet is manufactured in a fleece material that is very comfortable to wear and easily adapts to the size of the wrist. Plus, it can go on the ankle for the more versatile usable option. The secure YKK zipper is a further great quality of this wallet.


This fleece wrist wallet is quite small, but still spacious enough to accept a variety of everyday items, such as ID, credit cards, money, smart phone (including the latest Samsung Galaxy and iPhone). If you are very active (jogging for instance) and just want to get around with one or two essential items.


The build of this Banjees Wrist Wallet is very lightweight which means it is possible to even forget it is there after a while. It is really soft and cool to the touch.

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