Why We Love Dooney & Bourke Wallets

Dooney and Bourke Wallets

For over forty years Peter Dooney and Frederic Bourke have been creating a range of leather goods which meet the demands for any timeless piece – quality, style and versatility.

If mass produced items manufactured in nameless overseas sweatshops are your thing, then move on, Dooney and Bourke are not what you’re looking for. With a team of designers and craftsmen in both the US and Italy and leather sourced from the best factories in the world you know that you are investing in a keepsake which will provide you with years of pleasure.

Probably best known for their range of handbags, did you know that you can also get Dooney & Bourke wallets, purses and jewellery?

Dooney & Bourke Handbags

From the classic Dooney Florentine Satchel to the Dooney Crossbody , there are few occasions that Dooney and Bourke haven’t considered and then provided the perfect accessory for.

If you’re away with the girls for a relaxed weekend we’d suggest the Dooney and Bourke Suede Crossbody. With two zipped pockets, one on the outside and one side you’re able to keep valuables safe and these are then complemented by two further inside pockets as well one designed especially for your mobile phone.

Looking to add some fun to an outfit? Then the Dooney Disney range might be the perfect solutions. Three ranges premiered in August 2016, Beauty and the Beast, Alice in Wonderland and finally Dumbo which celebrated its 75th anniversary with film having been first released in 1941

The Dooney and Bourke Bitsy range features over 18 different variations of the classic Zip Zip design and each of these petite versions features the DB 1975 Logo Plate in celebration of over forty years of production. We particularly like the Cupcake Bitsy design for some retro charm!

Dooney & Bourke Backpacks

Sometimes you just need to carry more stuff around with you and that’s when the backpack design can be a godsend. There are just under forty different designs to choose from ranging from the equestrian styled Miranda through to the dinky Georgina and of course the perfect solution for heading off to the game, the famous Dooney & Bourke NFL range.

If you’re looking for a classic design then the Windham Allie backpack could be the one. Trimmed with Vacchetta leather, chocolate suede and gold plated hardware on a double sided nylon it provides a durable and lightweight option for when practicalities are important too.

Dooney & Bourke Women’s Wallets

Okay so we need everyday functionality, you want to be able to get to cards and cash with ease but rather than having a wallet which needs to be hidden at the bottom of your bag why not have a Dooney & Bourke wallet which just screams to be shown off! We like the Alto credit card holder, understated but oozing quality and simplicity of design which surely makes it a classic for anyone. Dooney & Bourke wallets are timeless we feel.

Dooney & Bourke Purses

If you need something a little more substantial than a wallet, then the purse range may be a better option. The Pebble Grain case is just big enough to fit your loose change but with two zipped pockets and a key ring it crams in a lot of features to its 3.5” by 5” dimensions.

If something bigger is needed, then look towards the Elise Collection and the Large Frame Purse. This one comes with a snap closure and two different colour ranges, Geranium Lavender and Pink Sky Blue.

Dooney & Bourke Wristlets

Wristlets are similar to purses but they have the added advantage of a short strap that fits around your wrist keeping your valuables close to you but still leaving your hand free. They also avoid that need for something draped over your shoulder or across your body which can spoil the outline of evening wear. So not too surprisingly Dooney & Bourke have a huge range on offer with over fifty different designs making it easy to find the right one for each occasions. Highlights for us are the City Python Zip Around phone wristlet and the eye-catching Zebra wristlet range.

Dooney & Bourke NFL Range

Want to support your team? Show your friends where your allegiances lay? Then this might be the perfect match between design and team loyalty.

The Dooney & Bourke Seahawk design places an eye catching hawk head design on a coated canvas trimmed with bridle leather and then gives you four different bag designs, the Hobo, Satchel, Shopper and Crossbody.

So if it’s not the Seahawks who can claim you as a fan how about heading towards New England? Dooney & Bourke Patriots range with the iconic Flying Elvis design is made up of eight different pieces including a wristlet and a cosmetic case.

Dooney & Bourke Tote Bags

Did you know that the term tote means “to carry” and that it can be traced back to the 17th century? Combining carrying ability whilst still appearing stylish this might be a good compromise between a backpack and a handbag

The Dooney Chelsea tote bag is made of soft leather and features a centre zip divider. This one has both handles and an adjustable shoulder strap and at 13” deep it can carry all of your day to day bits and pieces. Want to stand out from the crowd then we’d suggest going for the Cherry red colour!

Our Top Pick

For us, well the Dooney & Bourke Barlow range is our favourite. Understated, functional but with an appearance that tells everyone that you have a taste for the better things in life! The City Barlow is available in three different sizes from the City Small then to the City Classic and finally if you really do like to carry everything around with you, up to the City Large with six different pockets.

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