Leather Passport Wallet Review

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4.7/5 on November 17, 2016

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89 reviews


High-quality construction with genuine leather
RFID technology
Multiple pockets for credit cards, passports, notes, and travel documents
Lifetime guarantee
Relatively inexpensive
Closes nice and flat


Can get quite bulky if all the pockets are used


One of the best travel wallets for its price, the Leather Passport Wallet is very soft and manufactured with high-quality leather. The wallet is very spacious and easily able to accept one or two passports with ease. Plus, the craftsmanship is great with no issues with loose threads or other issues. Overall, this wallet smells, feels and looks great.

The Leather Passport Wallet by Inspiring Adventures is well sized with space for everyday items like credit cards and driver’s license, as well as passports and travel documents.

For extra security, the wallet comes with the latest in RFID protection to make sure the contents are kept safe at all times. The wallet is well made in very good quality leather that is soft to the touch. Even though it is big enough to fit the passport, it isn’t overly bulky. A further great feature is that is comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Features You’ll Value

A nice looking travel wallet, the Leather Passport Wallet is well made and spacious enough to easily accept the must-have accessories. Here are a few qualities of this designer passport holder:


Travel wallets are most appreciated when made in 100% luxury-grade soft leather and this applies to this wallet by Inspiring Adventures. It is very durable and has the real leather smell.

RFID technology

For extra travel security the wallet is protected with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology to avoid issues with high-tech pick pocketing. This protection is applied to all surfaces, including the lining, inside, back and front.

Lifetime guarantee

The high-quality construction of this wallet means it has been given a lifetime guarantee by the manufacturers.


This wallet is quite spacious with 7 slots for the credit cards or similar with enough space to accept up to two passports and related travel documents.

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