Brighton Wallet

Brighton Wallets

Brighton Wallets are best known for their range of leather wallets for women and women’s coin purses but these are only a small part of their brand ranges.

They say the difference is in the detail and nothing could be more true than with a Brighton wallet. Here you not only get top quality leather you can exceptional attention to detail. That’s why Brighton should be your first pick.

One really nice looking item is their Brighton Womens Twister Large Patent Leather Wallet, which is eye catching Metallic Champagne/Gold, it has 8 slots for card, 2 slip pockets, and also a secure zippered coin pocket

Check out the braided accents, special pockets, sturdy closures, and the quality stitching. Brighton makes more than wallets. They have a wonderful line of handbags, eyewear, jewelry, gifts, belts, watches, and almost anything else you can think of.

Back in 1991 Brighton began with the launch of a single belt collection. Over time they expanded and became a full line accessory company and in 1993 they added their handbag and wallet line. Soon after the added jewelry, footwear, watches, eyewear, and all kinds of other great things.

Today they are the only big manufacturer that offers products that coordinate from head to toe. Each piece is an original design and that makes it even that much more perfect to buy!

Brighton is a division of Leegin Creative Leather Products a California company that employs more than 600 people. Some of their products are manufactured there other product lines are manufactured in France, Taiwan, Italy, Korea, China, and Japan.

Here’s a hint of what Brighton has to offer:

1. Casual Wallets are for everyday use and wear. Last forever some people have commented.

2. Casual belts under the Leegin label are going to get noticed and you can wear them every day without any boredom.

3. Dress belts are a must have. In fact everyone should have at least one in their wardrobe.

4. Fashion belts under the Onyx label are a must have. You’re gonna luv em and you’re going to get noticed.

5. French Quarter Magnetic Organizer is a great choice for any woman that needs that little extra space.

6. Sausalito Organizer complete with cell phone pocket and credit card slots.

7. Ellington Heart Organizer with two side pockets and 3 billfold pockets.

8. Tippi tote is a soft and subtle tote perfect for every occasion.

9. Monica is a beautiful chocolate brown bag that’s inspired by the California lifestyle.

10. Heart Appliqué Check book has 5 credit card slots, check book holder, and pen holder.

11. Caroline Braid Check book is absolutely stunning in its deep color tones. Zips for security and clear picture ID slot is convenient.

12. Wallflower Check book with pretty in pink you can’t go wrong. This one will get noticed.

If you’re hoping to find that perfect wallet but not quite sure what the perfect wallet looks like why not start by having a look at a Brighton wallet?


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