Alban Passport Holder Travel Wallet Review

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4.6/5 on November 17, 2016

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157 reviews


Genuine, soft leather
Use RFID technology
Slim design to avoid adding much bulk to the travel documents
Multiple pockets
Relatively inexpensive
Rugged and should last for a long time


The slip for the boarding pass is quite small and narrow
Only has space for 1 passport


A travel wallet passport holder like the Alban product is strong and soft and makes a convenient solution to hold the passport and other travel documents to minimize issues with wear and tear. For the travelers in search of a genuine leather passport holder, this is certain to offer a very appealing choice.

The Alban Passport Holder Travel Wallet is a perfect choice for the minimalist traveler who wants to easily get through customs, quickly access documents, and prevent identity theft.

It is manufactured in soft leather that is really supple and easily accepts a passport, boarding pass, or other travel items. Plus, it is fully equipped with the latest in RFID, which means it is also useful for holding a credit card or two. This travel wallet is built for one passport only, so not practical for those in search of something for the family.

Features You’ll Value

Simple and does the job, the Alban Passport Holder Travel Wallet with its RFID blocking technology is perfect for the single, frequent traveler. Here are a few of the most appealing features:


The style of designer passport holder is well made in genuine leather that is soft and supple to give long-term use and durability.


It is secure, strong and slim to easily hold the passport and boarding pass. Plus, the rear slot is useful for keeping credit cards or notes.

RFID technology

The RFID blocking protection on this wallet is perfect to stop any attempt of identity theft by electronic means.

Slimline design

This wallet is very slim in design (5.75 inches by 3.75 inches by 1/16th) to make sure it doesn’t add much bulkiness to travel documents, and giving the desired protection to avoid issues with wear and tear.

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